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Round Blue John pendant

Round Blue John pendant

Round Blue John pendant

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Round Pen
Blue John gets its name from the French bleu jaune. The French were enthusiastic importers of Blue John goods in the 19th century. The name refers to the blue and yellow colours found in this unique mineral.

Blue John is only found in the Castleton area of the Hope Valley in the Peak District near Sheffield.

Round Bluejohn pendant in a hallmarked sterling silver mount and silver backed. Made in Sheffield by local craftsman David Scott- Walker.

PLEASE NOTE: Each piece is unique due to the random patterns found in Blue John. The piece shown is for example. If you are not delighted with the piece sent you can return it for a full refund. Please let us know if you would like us to send a photograph of the available piece in advance of posting.
Pendant Sizes
Micro Pendant:10mm diameter (approx)
Small Pendant :15mm diameter (approx)
Medium Pendant:25mm diameter (approx)
Large Pendant:30mm diameter (approx)

Medium 79.95
Large 110.00